Bhagyalakshmi Murali (Maa)

With a Master’s degree in English Literature and another degree in Education, Bhagyalakshmi has been facilitating classes since she was 21. Always the one to choose the untrodden path she was never able to fit into any mould.
Her quest for something different she knew existed led her to explore several modalities of alternative healing, all of which worked beautifully for her in their own way. That is what helped her find Access Consciousness. Following the Access Consciousness tagline “Empowering people to know that they know.” while using the simple,very pragmatic yet extremely potent, powerful Access tools, she has had a lot of joy and fun facilitating all kinds of classes.

Her own Access Consciousness Specialty class is called ‘The Artless Art Of Allowance’.

For many years she has been doing a Gift call on the first Sunday of every month called HOPE (H.O.P.E stands for Honouring Our Precious Earth)

Her weekly Call, ‘From Fried To Freed’ on Friday is in the 8th year now.

She does a lot of work around money including How To Become Money Workbook and Advanced How To Become Money Workbook.

In the last five years, she has created a year-long programme called ‘Extreme Self Care 365’, encouraging people to make self care one of the highest priorities.

Bhagyalakshmi has been a guest speaker on many national and international tele summits. She loves facilitating classes, conducting workshops as much as she loves working with individuals who desire a one on one session.

Her vision of what she knows is possible keeps her going regardless of the prevailing reality…The quest is to restore the planet to what it was always meant to be and ensure a happier, healthier, more abundant life for all.

Vivek Murali

Brought up in a family of healers, Vivek was exposed to mind work and alternative therapies, such as The Silva Method of Mind Control, Reiki, Pranic Healing and EFT at a very young age.

It didn’t take him very long to become aware of how different he was from most other people and was soon frustrated with the limitations and lack of possibilities that they lived from. However, he was always encouraged by his parents to live as he chose and not struggle to fit in, for which he is extremely grateful.

After having completed his bachelors in engineering he decided not to pursue a more conventional career in favor of spending time playing with the tools of Access Consciousness (mostly because he finds them very easy to work with), thoroughly enjoying the space and possibilities that it opened up for him to live with more ease.

Today, as a Bars Facilitator and Life Coach, he continues to prioritize more fun, joy, lots of ease with life and empowering people to live in the present and choose from their knowing and awareness, as he was.